Bare Feet Shoes wants to make you a model! We are hosting an ongoing model competition in search of trendy, enthusiastic young girls who want to be the face of Bare Feet Shoes. Your glamorous pictures will be front and center on our website,, and you will get the chance to win tons of cash and prizes!

Our competition is a perfect opportunity for girls looking to get a leg up on their modeling career. Your pictures will be featured on website banners, product descriptions, billboards, magazines, and tons of other Bare Feet Shoes material! Read on for full details and specifications. Keep updated with the latest Bare Feet Shoes info by checking out our Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Good luck!


  • Fill out the fields below for consideration.
  • Upload four, high-quality pictures of yourself. Include two full-body pictures and two close-ups of your face.
  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent to ensure that the application was received.
  • From the submissions that we receive, we will contact 20 women to visit our corporate office in Pennsylvania to have their photos taken.
  • Each girl that comes in to model wins a 25% off coupon from Bare Feet Shoes.
  • We will take several pictures of you to be used at our discretion on our website and for other promotional material.
    You can keep updated with the location of your professional pictures by checking our website,
  • Our Bare Feet Shoes customers then have a chance to vote on our website. The models' pictures will be added to the site, and our users will choose their favorite girl out of the 20 picked. The model with the most votes wins cash and prizes!
  • After 60 days, we will start the next round. Each month and a half, you will have the chance to become a Bare Feet Shoes model!