Calling all fellow fashionistas! Looking for some great bargains? Well, sit tight, we got you! It takes a thrifty shopper to make a dollar work these days and we appreciate a careful shopper. And really, who doesn"t love a good deal?  You already know at Bare Feet Shoes we provide our shoppers with affordable prices to get that glam look for every occasion. Because we love you ladies so much, we think you deserve an even bigger treat! Stop by our website, and check out our Bare Feet Shoes coupon codes and promotions. You never know what you may stumble on! Anything from free shipping, 20% off, to maybe even a bigger discount! Crazy, right? The hottest trends at a fab price! So this is us, just showing you some of the penny-wise fashionista love you deserve! The days of pinching-your-pennies are out and bargain shopping is in!  Go ahead, tempt your soles and check out Bare Feet Shoes - we update it daily!






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Free Economy Shipping On Continental US Orders Over $60


People say that you have to spend money to make money... says, you have to spend money to SAVE money! Spend $60 or more  and receive free economy shipping on your order. You are welcomed to take advantage of this on-going coupon code anytime! Limit - one coupon per visit, may not be combined with any other offer.  



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